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The Microsoft Clustering Service (MSCS) Status page summarizes cluster status as defined by MSCS and lists the status and values of MSCS-defined cluster attributes.

Cluster Fields

NameName or alias for the cluster
ConditionCondition of the cluster: Normal (the cluster condition is functioning normally. Every node condition and resource condition is normal), Degraded (the cluster condition is degraded if at least one node condition is failed or degraded or at least one resource condition is degraded), Failed (the cluster condition is failed if every node condition is failed or at least one resource condition is failed), and Other (The cluster condition cannot be determined and every node condition and resource condition is undetermined)
IPIP Address of the cluster alias
QuorumResource that maintains essential cluster data and guarantees that all nodes have access to the most recent database changes

Node Fields

NameName or alias for the node
ConditionCondition of the node: Normal (the node status is an active cluster member), Degraded (the node status is down, trying to form or rejoin a cluster, is operating as an active member of a cluster but cannot host any resources or resource groups, or is up but cluster activity is paused), Failed (the node status is down or trying to form or rejoin a cluster), and Other (the node status is unavailable or could not be determined)
IPIP addresses associated with the node

No information is displayed in the IP field of a particular node if an HP Insight Management Agents version 4.22 or earlier is installed on that node in the cluster.

The Data Viewer window for an MSCS cluster resource shows the condition of Other when all the nodes of a cluster are down.

Network Fields

NameServer cluster object that carries internal communication between nodes and provides client access to cluster resources
ConditionCondition of the network: Normal (the network state is online or available), Degraded (the network is partitioned), Failed (the network state is offline) and Other (the network state indicates that an error has occurred and the exact state of the network could not be determined or the network state is unavailable)
MaskThe subnet mask associated with the network within the cluster
StateState of a particular network in the cluster: Offline (not operational), Partitioned (operational, but two or more nodes on the network cannot communicate), Online (operational), or Unavailable (information is not available)
RoleRole the network name plays in the cluster: network name for the cluster, network name for computer systems in the cluster, or network name for groups in the cluster
DescriptionDescription of the network

Resource Fields

NamePhysical or logical entity that is capable of being owned by a node, brought online and taken offline, moved between nodes, and managed as a server cluster object
ConditionCondition of the resource: Normal (the resource state is online), Degraded (the resource state is Unavailable, Offline, Online Pending, or Offline Pending), Failed (the resource state is failed) and Other (unable to determine the resource condition)
GroupCollection of resources managed as a single server cluster object
OwnerNodeNode on which a resource resides
TypeServer cluster object used to categorize and manage resources that have similar characteristics
DriveDisk or drive on which the resource resides

A group must have a network name and an IP address associated with it for you to access group resources. A group can be owned by any node in the cluster and can be moved by users with full configuration rights for load balancing and other administrative purposes. When a failure takes place, the entire group fails over, which prompts the cluster software to transfer all group resources and data to a different node in the cluster. The resources and data in a transferred (failed over) group are still accessible under the same network name and IP address, even after they have been moved to a different node.

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