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Custom Commands are part of a distributed task facility and one of the tools in HP Systems Insight Manager. Only users with full configuration rights can create a Custom Command task. You can set up a Custom Command tool to start an application on the server that is running HP Systems Insight Manager. From the tool menu, select ToolsCustom CommandsNew Custom Command. The New Custom Command page is displayed. The created tool is displayed under the Custom Commands menu, then you can schedule the tool to run as a custom command task.

If two users are adding or deleting a Custom Command tool, the tool reflects the changes from the first user who adds or deletes the tool. If two users are editing a tool simultaneously, the tool reflects the changes from the last user who saves the tool.

A Custom Command tool requires the use of environment variables which are parameters passed to the launched application to make it perform as expected. Refer to Custom Command Tools - Environment Variables for Custom Tools for more information. The launch command string includes system variables and user-defined variables for your application. For example, you could pass an environment variable that runs a script to check on the status of your mail server.

You have multiple scheduling options. Refer to Using Tasks - Scheduling a Task for more information about scheduling options.

The application must be able to execute in the security context provided to HP Systems Insight Manager (the default is LocalSystem).

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