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HP Systems Insight Manager  |  Using Default Tools

HP Systems Insight Manager
Using Default Tools

» HP Systems Insight Manager

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Using Default Tools
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»Custom Command Tools
»Device Ping
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»License Manager
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»Replicate Agent Settings
»System Management Homepage
»System Page
»Version Control
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HP Systems Insight Manager provides you with many powerful tools:

  • Cluster Monitor. Adds the ability to monitor and manage multi-node clusters

  • Device Ping. Enables you to ping one or more systems

  • Disk Thresholds. Defines the Normal, Minor, and Major ranges for disk utilization on monitored nodes. Used to set and remove disk thresholds

  • Licensing. Provides the ability to manage license keys from HP Systems Insight Manager, including key distribution, reconciliation, and reporting across Windows platforms

  • Managing Custom Commands. Displays all custom commands created, so you can create new commands, schedule or run existing commands, and edit and delete custom commands

  • Initial ProLiant Support Pack Install. Enables you to install software to managed systems

  • Property Pages. Enables a user with full configuration rights to view the Properties page on any WBEM system including WBEM properties that help describe the target system on the network, WBEM properties that help determine the status of the system, and an inventory of the target node based on WBEM properties

  • Replicate Agent Settings. Enables HP Systems Insight Manager to retrieve and optionally edit Web agent configuration settings from a source system, and distribute that configuration remotely to one or more target systems through their Web agents

  • System Management Homepage. Displays the status of the management software and utilities installed on the system

  • System Page. Displays all the information related to a specific system, including general information of the system, the status of the system, and a list of URLs that are related to the system

  • Version Control. Uses HP Insight Management Agents (HP Version Control Repository Manager, HP Version Control Agent, and other agents) to facilitate Software Update and tasks related to it

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