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Service and Support

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» Service and Support

Service and Support

Support for HP Systems Insight Manager is provided as an adjunct to support of the underlying hardware. The purpose of the HP Support page is to provide you with a variety of product, service, and support related resources. In particular, you can use this page to:

  • Access www.hp.com/servers/manage. This website is devoted to Systems Management Products. You will find a wealth of product and service related information on this portal.

  • Access links to HP’s support home page and World-Wide-Web locator for phone numbers, online tools, and information.

  • Contact the HP Support Forum to get answers to your questions about HP products. The HP Support Forum can be found at http://forums.itrc.hp.com/.

Keeping good records of your configuration can significantly speed up the troubleshooting process. Consult the following list when you obtain assistance from your HP service provider:

  • Management PC make, model, and serial number information

  • Operating system information, including version number, a list of all service packs that have been applied, the Compaq SSD version, and Insight Agents’ names and versions that have been applied

  • Hardware configuration information:

    • Survey Utility output or Inspect printout

    • System Configuration Utility printout

    • Description of any non-HP or non-Compaq equipment that is not shown on the Inspect or System Configuration printout.