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Getting Started
Navigating the Home Page

» HP Systems Insight Manager

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Navigating the Home Page
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Graphical User Interface Features

This section describes the graphical user interface (GUI) features. The following is a sample screen shot of the GUI.

There are five regions in the GUI:

  1. Banner with summary views. The banner provides a link to the Home page and a link to log out. It also provides system status information and an alarm to notify you of certain events. The banner can be customized for your environment.

  2. Search.  The search feature enables you to search for matches by system name and common system attributes. You can also perform an advanced search for matches based on selected criteria.

  3. System and event lists.  System and event lists enable you to view all known systems and events or a specific subset. Lists can be private, visible only to its creator, or public, visible by all users. HP Systems Insight Manager ships with default public lists only. For information about customizing and creating new lists, see HP Systems Insight Manager - Monitoring Systems, Events, and Clusters.

  4. Menus.  The HP Systems Insight Manager menus provide access to tools, logs, software options, and on-line help. The Options menu is primarily targeted for users who administer the HP Systems Insight Manager software. If you lack authorization to use these tools, you might not be able to access this menu.

  5. Workspace.  The work space displays the results of your latest request. It can contain a list, tool, or a report. Some tools launch a separate browser window or X Window terminal instead of displaying in the workspace. This area contains the Home page when you log in to HP Systems Insight Manager. By default, the introductory page is displayed as the Home page.

HP Systems Insight Manager Home

Default Home Page Features

The HP Systems Insight Manager introductory page is the default Home page for the GUI. The introductory page provides information and tips about HP Systems Insight Manager and links to frequently used features. You can customize HP Systems Insight Manager to display a different page as the Home page. Refer to Getting Started - Customizing the Home Page for information on selecting a different introductory page. The following is a sample screen shot of the introductory page.

There are four default sections on the introductory page:

  1. DO THIS NOW to finish the install. This section only appears if the following conditions are met:

    • The user has full configuration rights.

    • The user has not disabled this section from the Home Page Settings page.

  2. Monitor. The Monitor section provides links to common monitoring tasks, including locating and tracking systems, clusters, and events. All monitoring tasks can be performed using the features and tools provided in the system and event list area.

  3. Manage. The Manage section provides links to frequently used tools and features available from the menus above the work space. These links provide access to inventory reports, software and firmware deployment, discovery, event handling, and authorizations.

  4. Did You Know You Can...? This section provides useful tips and shortcuts. Learn more about HP products, service offerings, and software.

HP Systems Insight Manager Introductory Page

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