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Getting Started
Customizing the Home Page

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Customize the Home page to select which pages display and customize the regions on the default Home page and introductory page.

To customize the Home page:

  1. Click [Home] in the banner to display the Home page in the work space.

  2. Click [Customize] in the upper right corner of the introductory page.

    Note: If the Home page has been set to something other than the default introductory page, you can access the Home Page Settings page by selecting OptionsHome Page Settings.

  3. Specify which page you want to use as Home page:

    • Introductory page (default)

    • Status Overview page

    • Any specific system, cluster, or event list page

    Note: The default introductory page is only available when it is set as the Home page. If you want to view this page when it is not set as your home page, reselect it as the Home page.

  4. (Optional) If the introductory page is selected as your home page, customize the content on the page by selecting or clearing the:

    • Did You Know You Can...? section

    • Do this now to finish the install section

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