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Running a Snapshot Comparison

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HP Systems Insight Manager enables you to generate a snapshot comparison of up to four systems.

To run a snapshot comparison:

  1. Select ReportsSnapshot Comparison.

  2. Select target systems. Refer to Using Tasks - Creating a Task for more information.

  3. Click [Next]. You can click [Prev] to return to the previous page.

    The items selected are displayed. A warning message might appear if some system operating system types are unknown.

    • If one target is selected, this target must have at least two snapshots. You can select two to four snapshots to compare.

    • If two to four targets are selected, you can select one snapshot for each node.

  4. Click Next. You can click [Prev] to return to the previous page.

    1. From the Please select one or more categories section, select the categories to be included in the snapshot comparison. The Category Name column displays the category, and the Description column displays a brief description of the category.

    2. From the Please select snapshot comparison baseline section, select an item against which to run the comparison against.

  5. Click [Run Reports]. You can click [Prev] to return to the previous page.

    The Snapshot Comparison is displayed.

  6. To view the report, select one of the following output types in the Please select a link to view the report:

    • Text Output. Displays the report in text format

    • HTML Output. Displays the report in HTML format

    • PDF Output. Enables you to save the file in PDF format

    • CSV Output. Displays the report in CSV format

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