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About License Report

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The System License Information Reporting feature provides a quick and efficient way to track ProLiant Essentials License Information for Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) systems. This reporting function also reports on the use of other ProLiant Essentials products based on license keys.

The iLO product must be configured to respond to license requests. This configuration page can be reached by selecting the appropriate System Page, click Links, and then click the link directed at the iLO. On the iLO, select AdministrationSNMPInsight Manager Settings. In the lower part of the page, locate the Configure Insight Manager Integration section. The Level of Data Returned must be set to Medium or High. If The Level of Data Returned is set to Low, the system reported. However, if the licensing state cannot be determined, the status indicates this with a message of Not Available. If The Level of Data Returned is set to None, there is no license record.

If an iLO system is deleted from the management server database, the iLO licensing information saved for that system is deleted at the same time. For all other system types, such as servers, desktops and the like, licensing information is never deleted.

In the reports for iLO, the Product Version field might be left blank. The License Key field might be blank even when that iLO does have a valid license. The iLO product is licensed if the License Type field is not blank. The Number of Licenses in Use field is the total usage of that license key on that particular system. With ProLiant Essentials licensing, a particular key can permit a number of concurrent uses of the licensed item. The Number of Licenses in Use reflects the use of that key on that system.

You must run Discovery to retrieve license information from iLO systems before running the System License Information report or expect to see keys for iLO in the License Manager - Manage Keys summary table. Refer to Discovery - Configuring Automatic Discovery for more information.

For the iLO product, the Product Version is left blank.

Reported license information is also collected from License Manager for all systems known to HP Systems Insight Manager and from which License Manager has collected keys.

Only a user with full configuration rights has access to the License key. When running a report, this column is not shown to a user with limited or no configuration rights. When creating a report configuration, users with limited or no configuration rights cannot see or choose the License Key column.

Upgrade Results

During upgrade, all report configurations are examined and the iLO Licensing report items in those report configurations are mapped to the new System License Information report items. If the iLO report item of License Key is found in a report configuration in the old database, that report configuration is copied over to the new database and the report configuration now refers to the new License Key. At the same time, the report items Number of Licenses Purchased and Product Name are inserted into the copied report configuration.

System License Information Reporting

The System License Information report provides a summary on the details and distribution of licenses.

  • Device Name

  • License Key

  • Number of Licenses Purchased

  • Number of Licenses in Use

  • Key Version

  • Product Name

  • Product Version

  • License Type

  • License Date

  • License Expiration Date (DEMIO key only)

  • Status

For specific field information, refer to Reporting - Report Views, R_DeviceLicenseInfo.

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