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HP Systems Insight Manager
Product Overview

» HP Systems Insight Manager

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HP Systems Insight Manager combines the strengths of Insight Manager 7, HP Toptools, and HP Servicecontrol Manager to deliver a single tool for managing HP ProLiant, Integrity, and HP 9000 systems running Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®, and HP-UX. The core HP Systems Insight Manager software delivers the essential capabilities required to manage all HP server platforms.

HP Systems Insight Manager can be extended to provide system management with plug-ins for HP clients, storage, power, and printer products. Plug-in applications for rapid deployment, performance management, partition management, and workload management enable you to pick the value added software required to deliver complete lifecycle management for your hardware assets.

Additional Resources

For additional resources, go to the HP Systems Insight Manager website at http://www.hp.com/go/hpsim.

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