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Software Status

In HP Systems Insight Manager, system software has one of the following status types:

critical icon Critical. HP Systems Insight Manager can no longer communicate with the system. The system was previously discovered but cannot be pinged. The system might be down, powered off, or no longer accessible on the network because of network problems.

major icon Major. An update that contains a critical bug fix is available for this system.

minor icon Minor. An update that can contain new hardware support or bug fixes is available for this system.

normal icon Normal. All components on the system match the repository.

unknown icon Unknown. The central management server (CMS) could not reach the HP Version Control Agent on the system, so the status of the system is unknown.

This status is dislpayed for server systems only. A status of Unknown is displayed under any of the following circumstances:

  • The Version Control Agent is not installed on the managed server.

  • The Version Control Agent is installed on a server, but that server does not have a trust relationship established with HP Systems Insight Manager.

  • The operating system on the target server is not supported. Only Windows operating systems are supported.

  • The correct version of the agent is not on the target system.

  • The target server type brand is not supported (only HP or Compaq brand servers are supported).

  • The target system is not licensed for monitoring by the PPA. The target system must have the 6.20 Insight Management Agents or later installed.

  • PPA reports an indeterminate status for the system.

inform icon Informational. HP Systems Insight Manager has detected that a particular agent or software is not installed or is out of date on the system. If you click the icon, a window is displayed giving you information on how to resolve the issue.

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