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Navigating the Picture View Page

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The Picture View page is displayed when a container is selected from the System Name column on the system list page. The container view page displayed depends on the type of container selected. For example, if a rack is selected, the Rack View page is displayed. The following are the types of container list views:

  1. Rack View Page

  2. Enclosure View Page

The Container View page for racks contains a diagram of the discovered systems in the rack or enclosure if available. The Rack Name or Chassis Name are displayed along with either a picture view, table view, or iconic view of the rack or enclosure. While logged in to HP Systems Insight Manager, placing your cursor over a server shown in the view, displays information on that particular server, including blade server name, slot number, and the chassis in which the server is located. You can also click a server name to display information about the server. The System Page is displayed.

Customizing the View

You can change the way the Picture View page is displayed. Click the down arrow on the View as dropdown box and select a table, icon, or picture view. However, the picture view is only available if you have already drilled down to a rack or enclosure by clicking the rack or enclosure name on the system list page and then switched back to a tabular or iconic view. Drilling down into a rack or enclosure restricts the systems to only those that pertain to the rack or enclosure. It is then be possible to switch back and forth between the other view types.

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