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Using Tasks
Deleting Task Results

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Perform this procedure to delete task instances from the Task Results page.

When a user is deleted from HP Systems Insight Manager, any tasks that belonged to that user are deleted as well.

To delete an instance:

  1. Select LogsView Task Results.

    Select a task from the table.

  2. Click [Delete]. The task is deleted from the database.

    Note: If the task instance is currently running, a message is displayed stating that you must stop the running task instance before it can be deleted.

Command Line Interface

Use the mxtask command to execute tools immediately and to schedule tasks for later time. Perform this task from the command line interface (CLI). For assistance with this command, see the HP-UX or Linux manpage by entering man mxtask at the command line or refer to the Windows command line help. Refer to Getting Started - Using Command Line Interface Commands for information on accessing the manpage.

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