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HP Systems Insight Manager
Using Tasks

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HP Systems Insight Manager enables you to manage systems and events by scheduling and executing tasks. Tasks are actions performed using an HP Systems Insight Manager tool. Task instances are an executed single instance of a task.

Users can:

  • Create their own variation of a task

  • Schedule a task

  • Modify a task they created

  • Delete a task

  • Stop an executing task

  • Track task status

Task information is available by selecting ToolLogsView All Scheduled TasksView Task Results .

User Privileges

The list of tasks that a user can see are based on the users privilege and access level. All users are allowed to edit, delete, and view the tasks they created. A user with full configuration rights is allowed to edit, delete, and view tasks other users created.

HP Systems Insight Manager provides some system delivered tasks or default tasks. These tasks can be disabled or have their schedules modified but cannot be removed or reassigned to another user. HP Systems Insight Manager requires these tasks to provide a complete picture of the systems that are being monitored.

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