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Manage System Types
Navigating Manage System Types Page

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Navigating Manage System Types Page
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The Manage System Types page lists rules currently defined in HP Systems Insight Manager. Refer to the following for more information on the page.

System Type Manager page

To access the Manage System Types page, select OptionsDiscoveryIdentificationManage System Types.

System Type

The list can be filtered by system type by selecting a type from the System Type drop down list. Click the down arrow and select a system type by which to filter the list.


The following columns appear on the Manage System Types page:

  • Product Model

  • Product Type

  • Sub Type

  • Protocol

Click a column heading to sort the column in ascending or descending order.


The Total displays the total number of systems that meet the System Type.

Available Buttons

Buttons at the bottom of the page except [New] are disabled until a rule is selected by clicking the the line corresponding to the product model for the rule.

  • [New]. Used to create a new rule.

  • [Edit]. Used to edit existing rules. Select the rules to edit and click [Edit].

  • [Delete]. Used to delete an existing SNMP or DMI rule. Select the rules and click [Delete]. In the confirmation box, click [OK] to delete the rule, or [Cancel] to return to the Manage System Types page without deleting the rule.

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