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Status Polling
Hardware Status Polling

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HP Systems Insight Manager tracks system status using a pre-defined hardware status polling task. This task polls for updates on hardware status through the different protocols. The following example describes how to set up a task to poll systems using hardware status polling.

One instance of this task is created by default when HP Systems Insight Manager is installed. It runs when new systems or events meet the search criteria. Create this task only if it has been deleted.

To create a Hardware Status Polling Task:

  1. Select OptionsStatus PollingHardware Status Polling.

  2. Select the target systems. Refer to Using Tasks - Creating a Task for more information.

  3. Click [Next]. The Select Protocol Settings section is displayed.

  4. Select from the following protocols:

    Note: By default, all protocols are selected. If all protocols are unselected, then the Schedule and Run Now buttons are disabled.

  5. Select Timeout (in seconds):

    • Use default (currently "4")

    • Use custom. Timeout maximum is 120 minutes and minimum is 1 minute.

  6. Select retry value:

    • Use default (currently "1")

    • Use custom.The retries maximum is 10 minutes, with a minimum of 0.

  7. Select one of the following options to execute the task:

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