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Networking and Security
Configuring the System Link

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Configure the system link to choose the name format used when creating links to managed systems.

When you are browsing to systems using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the system's name should match the name in the system certificate to prevent browser warnings.

To configure the system link:

  1. Click Options > Security > System Link Configuration.

  2. The System Link Configuration page is displayed. Select from the following options:

    • Use the system name. Select this option to use the system name.

    • Use the system IP address. Select this option to use the system IP address. For systems with multiple addresses, multiple links might be provided.

    • Use the system full DNS name. Select this option to use the system's full DNS name.

    Note: During Discovery, the full system DNS name will be used as the primary lookup key if it is available. Otherwise, the IP Address is used.

    Note: In the case of systems with multiple network interfaces, selecting the Use the system name will provide only one link per destination to the system, whereas Use the system IP address will provide multiple links to the system.

  3. Click [OK] to save and apply the changes.

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