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WMI Mapper Proxy

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HP Systems Insight Manager provides you with the ability to add a WMI Mapper proxy to define a new proxy for HP Systems Insight Manager.

You must have full configuration rights to add, modify, or delete the WMI Mapper Proxy.

To add a WMI Mapper proxy:

  1. Select OptionsProtocol SettingsWMI Mapper Proxy[New]. The Add WMI Mapper Proxy section is displayed.

  2. In the Host field, enter the full DNS name or IP address of the WMI Mapper proxy.

  3. In the Port number field, enter a port number. The WMI Mapper proxy uses this port number to communicate with the WMI Client.

  4. Click [OK] to save and close the Add WMI Mapper proxy section. Click [Apply] to save without closing the Add WMI Mapper proxy section. Click [Cancel] to abort the save operation.

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