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Discovery filters are a mechanism to prevent or allow certain system types from ever being added to the database through Automatic Discovery, which much easier in that you can specify IP ranges and run Automatic Discovery instead of specifying single systems to discover certain types. In addition, automatically discovered systems will not be managed are not added and thus do not require deletion from the database. Discovery filters do not apply to manually added systems.

There are two ways to access discovery filters:

  • From the Automatic Discovery - General Settings page, click discovery filters in the Discovery configuration section. To access the Automatic Discovery - General Settings page, select OptionsDiscoveryAutomatic Discovery.

  • From the Home page, in the Manage section, click discovery. The Automatic Discovery - General Settings page is displayed. In the Discovery configuration section, click discovery filters. The Automatic Discovery - Filters page is displayed.

For upgrades, discovery filters are disabled by default. For new installations, they are enabled and set to only servers, management processors, complex, partition, printers, switches, storage devices, and must be a managed system. To access and modify discovery filters, you must have full configuration rights to access the Automatic Discovery - Filters page from which you can enable or disable discovery filters and select the settings for the discovery filter. If discovery filters are enabled, only systems of the selected types are added to the database through Automatic Discovery. Because all tasks operate on systems that exist in the database, tasks do not run on any system until the filter has been met and that system has been added to the database. The filters do not affect any systems already discovered, even if they change to a type that no longer matches the current filter. If discovery filters is disabled, Automatic Discovery discovers systems according to the Automatic Discovery - General Settings page settings. For more information on configuring discovery filters, refer to Filtering - Configuring Discovery Filters.

If you do not discover the HP systems that you expect to find, ensure the HP Insight Management Agents are installed and running correctly on the target systems. In addition, verify the SNMP Community Strings settings and WBEM user name and passwords in HP Systems Insight Manager and on the agents for systems that are not discovered, are configured correctly. Refer to Discovery - Configuring Automatic Discovery.

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