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Configuring SNMP Traps

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Perform the following procedure to view and edit user modifiable attributes associated with SNMP Traps.

To configure SNMP Traps:

  1. Select OptionsSNMP Trap Settings. The Snmp Trap Settings page is displayed.

  2. Select the MIB name from the MIB Name dropdown list.

  3. Select the trap name from the Trap Name dropdown list. The Event Type and Description changes according to the trap name selected.

  4. Change the Event Type (optional).

  5. Edit the Description (optional).

  6. Select either Yes or No in the Enable Trap Handling box.

  7. Select the category from the Category dropdown list.

  8. Select the severity from the Severity dropdown list. The available options are Informational, Minor, Major, and Critical.

  9. Click [OK] to save the settings.

SNMP Trap Fields

Field NamesDescription
MIB NameSelect a MIB name from the dropdown list. All the remaining fields change according to the MIB Name selected.
Trap NameThe default Trap Name is completed when a MIB Name is selected in the MIB Name field. However, you can modify it by selecting a different trap name in the dropdown list.
Event TypeThe type is a reflective form of the actual trap name. Change the type if it does not adequately describe the system for you.
DescriptionThe description is vendor-supplied. Replace it with more specific instructions, a precise reference source, or a website referral.
Enable Trap HandlingMost traps are enabled. Trap handling gives you control over the volume of messages. Turn off nuisance messages, such as unnecessary informational messages, or repeated trap messages for an event that has not been corrected.
CategoryThe category lists the HP Systems Insight Manager category types and Unknown.
SeveritySome vendors use the default Informational for all severity levels. Change the severity to a level that reflects your judgment of the problem. Alternatively, you can change a Major or Critical severity for a trap message that is clearly not a critical situation in your environment. Only you know if this is the case. The only valid options for HP Systems Insight Manager are Critical, Major, Minor, Informational, and Unassigned.

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