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Configuring Event Filters

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Perform the following procedure to specify event filtering settings for registered SNMP traps.

To configure event filtering:

  1. Select OptionsEventsEvent Filter Settings. The Event Filter Settings page is displayed.

  2. Select Accept Unregistered Events to accept unregistered events, or deselect the box to not accept unregistered events.

  3. Select Accept Registered Events with Severity to accept registered events with a certain severity or multiple severities.

  4. If you selected Accept Registered Events with Severity, select the severities you want to accept. The available options are critical, major, minor, and informational.

  5. Enter the IP ranges to accept in the Accept Traps from Discovered Systems in IP Ranges: box.

  6. Enter IP ranges in the Discard Traps from Discovered Systems in IP Ranges: box to discard traps from certain systems (optional).

    Note: Enter one system or range per line, and separate the ranges and systems with a semicolon (;). Enter an asterisk (*) to accept or delete traps from all ranges.

  7. Click [OK] to accept settings.

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