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Server Certificates
Creating a CSR

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Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to replace the HP Systems Insight Manager Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Server Certificate and Private Key.

To create a certificate signing request:

  1. Select OptionsSecurityCertificatesServer Certificates, and then click [Import].

  2. The Import Server Certificate section is displayed. Click more next to Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

    The Create Certificate Signing Request section is displayed below the Import Server Certificate section.

    Note: The current certificate parameters are shown. Selecting to create a CSR does not create a new key-pair or change any certificate parameters. If you want to create a new key-pair, create a new certificate. If you want to modify the certificate parameters, click [Edit] instead of [Import] on the Server Certificate page.

  3. Click [Create] to create a PKCS #10 signing request that is downloaded by way of a standard browser, File Download dialog box in Internet Explorer. In Mozilla, save the text in the new browser window to a file.

  4. Send the certificate file to a CA, which can be either internal or external.

    Note: The existing self-signed certificate is still valid so the SSL Web server remains operational for browsing until the signed certificate is received from the CA.

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