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Deleting Toolboxes

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You can delete a toolbox and associated authorizations from OptionsSecurityUsers and AuthorizationsToolboxes

When a toolbox is deleted from the management database, all of the associated authorizations are also deleted.

The All Tools toolbox and the Monitor Tools toolbox cannot be deleted.

To delete a toolbox:

  1. Select OptionsSecurityUsers and AuthorizationsToolboxes.

  2. Select the toolboxes to be deleted.

  3. Click [Delete].

  4. A confirmation box is displayed. Click [OK] to delete the toolboxes or click [Cancel] to cancel the deletion process.

    The toolbox and all associated authorizations are permanently deleted.

Command Line Interface

Users with full configuration rights can use the mxuser command to delete toolboxes from the command line interface (CLI). Users with limited configuration rights can use the mxtool command only on single-system aware (SSA) and Web-launch aware (WLA) commands they have access to. For assistance with this command, refer to the HP-UX or Linux manpage by entering man mxuser at the command line.

Users with limited configuration rights can use the mxexec command to launch command tools on one or more systems from the command line interface. For assistance with this command, refer to the associated manpage.

Refer to Getting Started - Using Command Line Interface Commands for information on accessing the manpage.

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