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Administering the Software
Users and Authorizations

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Users that have been added to the central management server (CMS) are unable to view systems or manage systems until authorizations have been configured for them.

HP-UX and Linux provided command line tools, such as ls and df, are run as root by default. For security reasons, you might want them to run as a specific user to avoid permitting unintended capabilities to a user.


HP Systems Insight Manager enables you to configure authorizations for specific users or groups of users. Each user is authorized with a toolbox on a system or group of systems.

It is important that you plan what systems each user is going to manage and which specific set of tools the users are authorized to execute against the managed systems.

Refer to these general steps as a guideline for setting up user names and authorizations:

User Configuration Rights

HP Systems Insight Manager provides the following configuration rights:

  • Full configuration rights. Allows the user total control of the database. Users can run Discovery of systems and Data Collection; define users and authorizations; set Cluster Monitor configuration; configure licensing and protocol settings; and create, modify, delete, and run reports, snapshot comparisons, tools, custom commands, events, automation tasks, and so on.

  • Limited configuration rights. Enables the user to create, edit , and delete reports (including pre-defined reports). Users can also create new single-system aware (SSA) tools and Web-launch aware (WLA) tools. These tools remain owned by that user, which means they have restricted authorizations. As owner of the tool, they can edit or delete the tool, and the tool can only be a member of the All Tools toolbox.

  • No configuration rights. Enables the user to view and run pre-defined reports on systems they have been authorized to view only. A user with no configuration rights cannot execute any actions to affect the system database.

Users and Authorizations

The Users and Authorizations tabs offer the following options:

  • Add, edit, and delete users, and view and print user reports. Select OptionsSecurityUsers and AuthorizationsUsers.

  • Add, edit, and delete toolboxes, and view and print toolbox reports. Select OptionsSecurityUsers and AuthorizationsToolboxes.

  • Add, edit, and delete system groups, and view and print system group reports. Select OptionsSecurityUsers and AuthorizationsSystem Groups.

  • Add and delete authorizations, and view and print authorization reports. Select OptionsSecurityUsers and AuthorizationsAuthorizations.

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