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Audit Log
Configure the Audit Log File

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Configure the Audit Log file to reside in a user specific directory if it does not exist.

To configure the Audit Log:

  1. For Windows, create a file named path.properties under C:\Program files\HP\HPsystems insight manager\config.

    For Linux and HP-UX, create a file named path.properties under /etc/opt/mx/config.

  2. Add the following entry in the path.properties file: LOG=C:\\Auditlog\\Logs or LOG=C:/Auditlog/Logs .

    Note: C:\\Auditlog\\Log is listed here as an example. This is a user specific path, and could vary based your requirements.

  3. For Linux and HP-UX, restart the HP Systems Insight Manager daemons (mxstop and mxstart). For Windows, restart the HP Systems Insight Manager service. After restarting the service, a new log file named mx.log resides in the directory specified in path.properties file.

Five variables can be defined in the log.properties file:

  • MX_LOG_FILENAME for the file name. The default is MX_LOG_FILENAME = mx

  • MX_LOG_FILEEXT for the file extension. The default is MX_LOG_FILEEXT = log

  • MX_LOG_FILESIZE for the maximum file size. The default is MX_LOG_FILESIZE = 20

  • MX_LOG_ROLLFILEEXT for the file extension of the roll-over name. The default is MX_LOG_ROLLFILEEXT = old

  • MX_LOG_QUEUESIZE for the amount of memory allocated for queuing items to be written to the Audit Log. The default is MX_LOG_QUEUESIZE = 300

The maximum file size is set in megabytes.

When the Audit Log file reaches the maximum file size, the log is renamed with MX_LOGROLLFILEEXT extension and a new file is started. If a previous version of the file has already been renamed with the MX_LOG_ROLLFILEEXT extension, it is an automatic roll over of an audit log file. A roll over occurs after a task running is completed. However, after one hour exceeding the maximum file size, if the task is not finished, the audit log file rolls over to another file.

Caution: The queue size should be changed only with extreme care. If the queue is set too high, the log manager consumes too much system memory.

Changes made to the log.properties file do not take effect until the log manager daemon is restarted. For Windows, restart HP Systems Insight Manager service. For Linux and HP-UX, to restart the log manager.

Note: By default, for Linux and HP-UX, the path for the log file is set to /var/opt/mx/logs. This path can be configured by editing the LOG value in the /etc/opt/mx/config/pathproperties file. If this properties file does not exist, you must create it. For Windows, the default location is the logs subdirectory of the directory where the product was installed.

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