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Audit Log
Viewing the Audit Log

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» Viewing the HP Systems Insight Manager Audit Log
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Viewing the HP Systems Insight Manager Audit Log

HP Systems Insight Manager logs all tasks performed by all HP Systems Insight Manager users on all systems. The information is stored in the Audit Log file on the central management server (CMS).

You must be logged in as root or Administrator (or any user with full configuration rights) to read the Audit Log file directly.

To view the HP Systems Insight Manager Audit Log for information recorded in the CMS:

  1. Select LogsView HP Systems Insight Manager Audit Log. The Audit Log page is displayed.

  2. Select the log entries you want to view by selecting one of the following options:

    • most recent 40 entries. Select this to view a selectable number of the most recent log entries. The default is set to view the 40 most recent log entries.

    • from entry " " to entry " ". Select this to view an indexed range of log entries.

  3. Click [View Now]. The requested log entries appears.

Log content

The HP Systems Insight Manager Audit Log contains the following information in the order listed and the log entry key @!@ precedes all other fields in an audit log entry.

  • Time stamp date, time and time zone

  • Category

  • Result

  • Action

  • Object type

  • Object type descriptor

  • Level

  • Session user login string

  • Session ID (optional)

  • Transaction ID (optional)

  • Session user full user name (optional)

The above fields are displayed in one line. If messages or additional information about a log entry is present it is displayed in the next line.

Example of HP Systems Insight Manager Audit Log:

@!@,2003-07-11 18:21:50 MDT,CONFIG,SUCCESS,ADD,TASK,Default Automatic Discovery,SUMMARY,mxadmin,0,11,

@!@,2003-07-11 18:22:06 MDT,CONFIG,SUCCESS,MODIFY,TASK,Initial Hardware Status Polling,SUMMARY,mxadmin,0,12,

@!@,2003-07-11 18:51:01 MDT,CONFIG,SUCCESS,ADD,AUTHORI,MX_AUTH,SUMMARY,jsmith,590,1186800129,

John Smith Added authorization for user djones with a toolbox of Monitor Tools for All Managed Systems.

@!@,2003-07-11 18:53:08 MDT,CONFIG,SUCCESS,MODIFY,TASK,Hardware Status Polling for Servers,SUMMARY, mxadmin,0,88,

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