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HP Systems Insight Manager logs all tasks performed by all HP Systems Insight Manager users on all systems. The information is stored in the Audit Log file on the central management server (CMS). Several features of the HP Systems Insight Manager Audit Log are configurable. For example, you can specify which tools log data and the maximum Audit Log file size. The HP Systems Insight Manager Audit Log is configured through the log.properties file and tool logging is enabled or disabled through the XML tool definition files.

Configure the HP Systems Insight Manager Audit Log to customize the information for your environment.

These tasks must be performed from the command line interface (CLI), and you must be logged in as root or Administrator.

The XML tool definition file provides an option to disable logging of single-system aware (SSA) and multiple-system aware (MSA) command tools. The log attribute for the command element specifies whether the results of the command is output to the HP Systems Insight Manager log file. Command output is logged by default.

You might need to create the file and name it log.properties if one does not exist in the directory. HP Systems Insight Manager uses default values when the file does not exist or when a variable is not defined in the file. Refer to Audit Log - Configure the Audit Log File for more information.

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