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» Why manage?
» Why manage with HP?
» What's new?
» Why migrate?
» Supplies management
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The five categories of best practice fleet management:

» Fleet deployment
» Problem resolution
» Proactive management
» Security
» Reporting & optimization
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» What's new?
» Why migrate?
» Supplies management

HP Web Jetadmin is the industry-leading fleet management software solution for remotely and securely installing, configuring, maintaining and monitoring a fleet of both HP and standard MIB-compliant 3rd party printers and MFPs via your Microsoft® Windows® desktop.

"HP Web Jetadmin is clearly the de facto industry standard."
Ted Needleman, Senior Director-Technical Services Division
Industry Analysts Inc.

HP Web Jetadmin is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that give you visibility and control over your printing environment to:

Reduce costs

  • Track device utilization to redeploy under- or over-utilized devices, and accurately determine consolidation opportunities or needs for new devices
    "Average utilization rates for equipment are very low, typically 2-4%."
    InfoTrends - Charlie Corr, March 2007
  • Track supplies utilization to purchase on just-in-time or volume basis
  • Track color usage to determine needs and implement usage policies or controls
  • Reduce on-site support needs with remote deployment and problem resolution

Increase productivity of IT, help desk and end-users

  • Remotely install, configure, diagnose and update devices or groups of devices from anywhere on the network
  • Remotely discover PC direct-connected printers
  • Reduce training needs with a single tool for IT and help desk
  • Reduce help desk calls and downtime with proactive, configurable alerts

Maximize your investments and reduce risk

  • Quickly upgrade or migrate from prior versions
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise management applications
  • Benefit from compatibility with the new Microsoft Vista® operation system
  • Configure and manage security for devices and information over the network
  • Easily add functionality with the product update feature that allows, you to download the latest device or application plug-ins without re-qualifying or re-installing HP Web Jetadmin

HP Web Jetadmin is a single application that provides powerful features, fast performance and ease-of-use across these five categories of best-practice, proactive fleet-management:

Fleet deployment

"Florida Hospital now relies on HP Web Jetadmin for centralized control of our networked printers. We use the application for inventory management and for deploying microcode updates. With HP Web Jetadmin, we are able to launch printer firmware updates to all of the devices from a central location—it allows us to avoid physically visiting each site, which in turn saves a lot of time."
Keith Paul, MIS Director, Florida Hospital

  • Remote installation and configuration — fast and easy installation and configuration of your printing environment from anywhere on the network through Smart Client Technology

  • Batch firmware upgrades — easy scheduling of device firmware upgrades

  • Driver pre-configuration — push driver configurations to servers or workstations to centrally control specific printer functions like color printing or duplexing

  • Auto-grouping and configuration — easily organize and configure user groups and have any new printers automatically assume the capabilities of specified group

  • Batch configuration of un-like devices — schedule device configurations for multiple devices, and one configuration template can be used for multiple device models

Problem resolution

"San Mateo County Transportation Authority relies on HP Web Jetadmin print management software to keep our widely dispersed printers up and running. I'm able to have the devices babysit themselves and send electronic messages to the help desk when they have problems. These tools let us know about problems before users do."
Randy Rudolph Director of IT and Telecommunications, San Mateo Transit District

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  • Remote diagnostics — allows you to diagnose problems quickly by viewing the status of jobs, printers or groups of printers through a real-time, interactive display that also allows remote printer reset and test page printing

  • Context specific help — connects you to troubleshooting tools on including on-line support specialists

  • Monitor printer status — interactive display allows you to view the real-time state of the printer including status information (open, closed, supplies gas gauge, readiness) to resolve possible problems

Proactive management

"We have central control of the print infrastructure via HP Web Jetadmin. We like the remote control functionality, particularly because it gives us the opportunity to proactively notify users that we're aware of a paper jam, or an impending need for a cartridge replacement. It's enabled us to elevate our level of service to users."
Jim Livornese, Project Manager of Information Technology Services,
Central Piedmont Community College

  • Instant configurable e-mail alerts — allows instant service and supplies alerts and notifications to be sent to designated parties

  • Driver management — provides the ability to manage and pre-configure drivers (e.g., to provide color access control and to set duplexing as the default); Universal Print Driver is included

  • Device management — discovers and collects key information for networked devices as well as devices directly connected to PCs (USB or parallel) for easy management of ALL devices

  • Flexible and extensible — meets your needs now and in the future as your business needs grow, with modular plug-ins for extended functionality without the need for re-qualification

  • Stack HP technologies for success — fits into the integrated, end-to-end system of HP hardware, software, supplies and services—from the embedded web server to Smart cartridges to HP Jetdirect networking to HP Managed Print Services


  • Batch configure security features — allows you to define security settings in a single template and then apply that to multiple devices or groups of devices

  • Support profiles for roles & responsibilities — allows controlled access based upon user roles you define

  • NT authentication — uses existing NT password authentication to validate and protect your system

  • SSL and SNMPv3 support — helps to protect your network settings with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) v3.0

  • Encrypted credential store — maintains a central encrypted repository of passwords for administrator convenience

Reporting & optimization

  • Utilization & trend reports — keeps track of what is being used by whom for asset utilization tracking and reporting

  • Supplies management & trend reporting — collects usage data to build trend reports and provides forecasts for supplies reordering, helping you anticipate the needs of the print environment

  • User & application reports — tracks and reports what is being printed, the application used, and which users are doing the printing for asset utilization tracking


HP Web Jetadmin main page

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