HP Trade-In Program

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Approximate date of transaction:
10/20/2003 initiated the rollout

Name of account:
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati

Size of deal:
Approx. 500k

Situation analysis

The customer is a Dell shop and had been evaluating monitors for approximately 1 year. Upon the purchase of 1400 HP Flat Panel monitors the customer needed to dispose of 2000 CRT monitors.

How did you position the HP Trade-in solution to your customer?
Partnering with Market Velocity we provide a total customer solution: new monitors, trade-in of old units, and the pick, pack and shipping of old monitors. A superior product to Dell with excellent customer service.

What was the driving factor in closing the deal using the trade-in solution?
The ability to provide a complete package solution-trade-in value as well as the pick, pack and shipping of the monitors.

What was your customer's overall experience in using the program?
We are currently deploying the solution, so we do not have the final customer feedback. Up to this point, Market Velocity has been very flexible and involved in ensuring that the offering placed us in the best position to compete against Dell.

What advice would you give a peer in closing a deal using the Trade-in program?
Work closely with the Trade-in program and provide as much detail as possible.

What is the best communication vehicle for ensuring the HP sales organization is aware of the program and can get information on the program?
On site training.