HP Renew remanufacturing process

HP Renew products are fully restored to like-new standards by trained and qualified remanufacturing teams in factories owned and managed by HP. This allows us to leverage the larger HP infrastructure and pass these savings on to you.

Learn what happens during the HP Renew remanufacturing process—simplified in the following steps.

1 Disassemble and clean products
2 Reassemble with genuine HP parts
3 Quality checks and inspection
4 Package and ship with HP warranty

1: HP enforces its strict quality standard across all HP Renew resources.
Each HP Renew product is disassembled, intensively cleaned and inspected by trained and qualified remanufacturing professionals.

2: HP Renew products undergo comprehensive remanufacturing and testing processes, ensuring that they meet HP’s stringent standards.
Components are reassembled with the latest hardware revisions and firmware version. System software is then tested and brought up to the latest release level. Only genuine HP parts are used in the remanufacturing process.

3: The process is completed to achieve HP Renew products that are equivalent to new.
All HP Renew products are inspected and must pass stringent quality checks. They are restored to default settings and shipped with the latest applicable product documentation. Sitting side-by-side, you can’t tell the difference between a new HP product and a Renew product other than the serial number.

4: Each product is packaged as per the original factory specifications and is ready for delivery and installation.
As proof that HP stands behind all its products, you’ll receive an HP Renew Certificate of Quality right in the box. The same-as-new HP warranty is activated upon delivery and refreshes the full original warranty so you can feel confident that your purchase is backed by HP.

Our factory processes in action


Our factory processes in action


Our factory processes in action

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