HP Renew

HP quality products at reduced prices.

HP Renew is a great option for Public Sector customers, providing a solution to help satisfy limited IT budgets with thoroughly remanufactured HP certified products backed by same-as-new warranties, service and support. The HP Renew Program offers a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise server and storage products on the WSCA/NASPO* contract.

HP Renew prices begin at least 15% to 35% below new HP product pricing in addition to WSCA/NASPO contract discounts, plus promotional pricing may also be available. All HP Renew products come with the same-as-new warranty and more than 80% of the products are less than 12 months old.

The following HP Renew products are available** on the HP WSCA/NASPO contract:

HP Enterprise Servers

  • HP ProLiant DL980 Servers
  • HP Integrity Servers
  • HP Integrity Server Blades
  • HP Integrity Enclosures
  • HP9000/PA-RISC Servers
  • HP Superdome solutions and upgrades
  • HP Virtual Memory Arrays

HP Enterprise Storage Products

  • HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage
  • HP StoreVirtual Storage (P4000)
  • HP EVA Storage (P6000)
  • HP StoreFabric SAN Switches
  • HP StoreFabric Host Bus Adapters
  • HP StoreEasy Storage
  • HP StoreOnce Backup
  • HP StoreEver Tape Libraries
  • HP Storage Blades
*HP Renew enterprise products are available on all WSCA state contracts with the exception of California and Ohio.
**HP Renew products are subject to availability. Check current product availability at HP Inventory Today.