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Secure and reliable Web output management

Your company can streamline business processes and reduce the time needed to share critical information. And you can securely control access to and management of the shared information. Extend your output capabilities and ensure that the right information gets to the right people, immediately.

With HP Web Delivery, you can publish documents to the Web as easily as directing the documents to a printer or any other output device. HP Web Delivery enables web-based distribution of all types of documents, regardless of their format. A wide range of applications can be converted to formats such as HTML and PDF, which users view with a web browser.

HP Web Delivery applications and key features:

Personalized and protected publishing to the Web

Captures documents and information easily from a wide variety of applications, including SAP, Oracle, Windows desktops, and command line utilities
Expedites document delivery via InfoBoxes, which are organized into specific categories of information
Personalizes and password-protects InfoBoxes for individuals, groups, or departments

User-controlled subscriptions and update notifications

Eliminates information overload by enabling users to subscribe to only the information they need
Enables customized update notifications via e-mail, fax, or pager
Allows both administrators and users to organize the content to suit their specific business purposes
Provides centralized tracking and control of all of your enterprise output to the Web
Enables protected information distribution inside the company and outside to customers, partners, or suppliers

HP Output Management Product Suite
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HP Output Distributor
HP Web Delivery
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HP Output Manager for OpenView
HP International Printing for HP Output Server
HP Output Management Web Console: Job Manager
Archive and e-Discovery/ Compliance Solutions for Output Management

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