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SAP Ramp-Up is SAP's standardized process for introducing solutions to the market. It helps customers achieve business value from SAP solutions sooner by increasing process control and communicating real-world experiences directly to SAP product development. A dedicated SAP Ramp-Up program is available for all SAP products.

With SAP Ramp-Up, you benefit from accelerated support channels and dedicated coaches who have direct access to SAP product development and management. SAP Ramp-Up reduces cost, time, and risk for both SAP Ramp-Up implementations and regular implementations -- and ensures that SAP solutions meet your business requirements. It enables your company to be a first mover in your industry and your IT department to be a strategic role model in your company.

SAP Central Print Management solution will be available as part of SAP NetWeaver 2004s SP8, SP9, and SP10 and is in its ramp-up phase now. You are invited to take part in this ramp-up program. If you would like to do so, please send email to

You will then receive the installation/configuration guide as well as the executable files. Please note that for the ramp-up process SAP will need your S-User ID (used to access SAP Service Marketplace), which should be included in the submitted e-mail.
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