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The suite of HP Output Management Solutions is a family of integrated software applications combined with, implementation, integration, support and training services to help your company create a flexible, scalable, and reliable output management environment for the entire enterprise.

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With HP Output Management Solutions, your company can
Eliminate business disruptions due to information dissemination failure
Provide global administration and control of the delivery infrastructure
Streamline business workflows by optimizing the delivery of information
Provide end-to-end visibility of the delivery process

Key features

HP Output Management Solutions support a variety of delivery interfaces and ensure reliable delivery to destinations in any part of a distributed environment. Key features include:
Unified, enterprise-wide, output management infrastructure
Centralized access and control of output management resources
Enterprise tool/product integration
Rules-based report distribution
Tracking and control of delivery requests using Microsoft Windows GUI, web-based, or command line interface tools
Destination management and transformations
Multi-channel delivery capabilities including print, web, fax, email, ftp, and custom destinations
Event notification and privilege management
Modules for delivery to the web and report bursting and bundling
Job accounting
Interface to well-established enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel
Interface to well-established enterprise system management tools such as HP's OpenView
Interface to complementary solutions such as forms solutions and security solutions

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Key benefits

Overcome the common problems with delivering output in a distributed environment and reduce the time spent administering and supporting information delivery.

1) Reliability: Reduced loss or delay of revenue by ensuring reliable delivery of business critical documents.
Save up to 15% inventory cost due to reduced shipping times
Save millions of dollars per hour by avoiding output downtime that shuts down your business

2) Efficiency: Faster business cycle time by streamlining event-driven and time-sensitive workflows and job-level process management integrated with enterprise applications and systems management.
Stop recreating undelivered jobs
Reduce print by up to 10% and fax by up to 50% through targeted output and transition to email and web
Eliminate the need to retrieve printed documents from offsite storage
Reduce time spent on printing problems by knowledge workers by as much as 25%
Reduce time lost due to system down by as much as 25%
Reduce time spent creating customized reports by up to 90%

3) Cost effectiveness: Reduced costs through improved management and tracking of business information delivery from a single interface regardless of destination type or location.
Reduce the number of printers and associated annual maintenance by up to 10%
Reduce the number of print servers and associated annual maintenance by up to 20%
Save IT worker time spent dealing with printer and print-related issue by up to 75%
Transition support of print and other output methods from higher-priced IT resources to the help desk
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Why choose HP?

HP Output Management Solutions provide a robust, flexible, scalable foundation that ensures the reliable delivery of your mission critical information.

Key differentiators include:

HP understands the enterprise environment
HP Output Management Solutions have demonstrated reliability
HP offers expert implementation and integration capabilities
HP's service, support and training are world-class

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