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Reliable, efficient, cost-effective HP Output Management Solutions

HP Output Management Solutions are a combination of enterprise information delivery software and services including implementation, integration, support and training that innovate the way an enterprise can manage, share, and distribute information. HP's solutions-provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective delivery of documents, anywhere.

With HP Output Management Solutions, your organization can simplify and streamline your print environment, accelerate business processes, and save valuable IT capital and people resources.
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 HP Output Server

This is the robust backbone of HP Output Management Solutions. It provides core delivery services so documents are delivered to output destinations in the proper format, including delivery, job, queue, and destination management.
Get a single route to all your output destinations
Get a single-view of all jobs and queues in the enterprise

The HP Output Management portfolio of products also includes several key HP Output Server delivery interfaces.

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 HP Output Management Web Console: Job Manager

HP Output Management Web Console: Job Manager is a web-based tracking and management HP Output Server utility that provides single log-on authentication and access across single and multiple domains.

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 HP Output Distributor

It provides intelligent, content-based delivery of reports throughout the enterprise. It extends the traditional report distribution functions of bursting and bundling with the device-independent delivery offered by HP Output Server:
Extends the traditional report distribution function of bursting and bundling with personalized, device-independent delivery
Gain user-defined rules for report management

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 HP Web Delivery

It automates the process of publishing, distributing, and managing reports and documents to the Web. It also simplifies information exchange and eliminates costly paper-based communications.
Enables customized content delivery from HP Output Server to the Web
Simplifies information exchange and eliminate costly paper-based communications

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 HP Output Manager for SAP

Integrates the mySAP Business Suite with HP Output Server
Ensure your business process continuity and uninterrupted work flow by providing reliable delivery of SAP documents to multiple destinations across the enterprise and to your business partners

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 HP Output Manager for Oracle applications

Integrates the Oracle application/E-Business Suite with HP Output Server
Allows enterprise-wide tracking and management of all Oracle output, plus added print and destination functionality

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 HP Output Manager for OpenView

Integrates HP OpenView with HP Output Server
Provides comprehensive output management, flexible output delivery, and easy administration for OpenView operations

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 HP Output Explorer

Allows you to administer and manage HP Output Server through a Windows-based graphical user interface
Gain a single view of the enterprise output environment

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 HP International Printing for HP Output Server

Accepts Unicode-based documents from SAP and other enterprise applications
Intelligently delivers Unicode documents to Unicode compliant or non-Unicode print devices plus faxes, web, or email across the enterprise
Transforms Unicode documents to PostScript, PCL 5, TIFF, PDF or text

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 HP Output Envoy

With HP Output Envoy, you can install one client driver for easy access to all output resources throughout your enterprise.
Not only can end-users send output to printers, fax machines, the web or other supported devices—they can track, control, and be notified of job-related events.

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