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Dependable delivery

The HP Output Management Solutions offer a robust set of integrated features that gives users easy, yet reliable and secure access to a wide range of output resources across the network and allows administrators to centrally manage those resources.

Key features include:

Tracking & control of delivery requests: You can track individual or groups of jobs-and control them by pausing, canceling, moving, or resubmitting them.
Independence of delivery requests: Cancellation or failure of one or more jobs in a delivery does not affect the successful completion of the other jobs.
Retention & resubmission of delivery requests: users or client applications can retain and simply resubmit retained jobs.
Destination searching: Users can quickly find the right output destination for jobs by searching on attributes such as location or device type.
Request preservation during host failure or restart: Jobs are not lost if a machine hosting a queue fails or is restarted-the queue maintains its integrity throughout the restart.
Extensive destination support: Users can delivery jobs to an a wide variety of destinations, including printers, fax, e-mail, locally accessible file systems; remote file systems (through FTP), pagers, LPR destinations, HP Output Distributor, HP Web Delivery, and specialized output devices (on a custom basis).
Integration with Enterprise Applications: Users can rapidly integrate HP Output Server with your existing enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, and Siebel. You can also customize those interfaces to suite your specific environment and business needs with the assistance of HP technical consultants.
Instantly deliver to the web: Enables the right information to reach the right people at just the right time.
Large document bursting and bundling: Made possible using a rules-based approach.
Extended the management tools: Includes interfaces to widely available enterprise system management tools such as HP OpenView.
Device farms: Users can reliably deliver output to printer or fax device farms. (Device farms are groups of similar types of devices.) The job is successfully delivered as long as at least one of the devices in a farm is available for output.
Checkpointing: HP Output Server provides checkpointing for fax deliveries and for deliveries of PostScript or PCL 5 documents to a printer or MFP device appropriately equipped with HP Printer Job Language (PJL) destination, ensuring that if the destination loses its connection or gets jammed, the job restarts from the point of failure, avoiding unnecessary duplicate deliveries.
Event notification: Users can receive subscription-based notice of HP Output Server events, such as device malfunctions, and the notices can be sent to a variety of destinations following the user's preferences.
Privilege management: HP Output Server provides a comprehensive rules-based authorization service. For example, this allows users to prevent unauthorized tampering with a job, delivering a document to un-authorized destination, changing queue rules, or modifying HP Output Server processes and configurations.
Job accounting: Users can monitor the number of jobs, pages, or bytes delivered to a particular output device or submitted by a particular user. Users can also monitor how your IT infrastructure is responding to your output management needs (number of failed jobs, processing time, waiting time, and more). This also provides the ability to do bill-back, generate quality of services report, and others.
Printer discovery and configuration: Simplify and automate the configuration of printers with the HP Output Server. Users can search for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) printers within a TCP/IP network and configure HP Output Server for delivery to those printers with data returned from SNMP queries.
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