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HP Output Management Solutions - reliable, efficient, cost effective

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HP Output Management Solutions combine enterprise information delivery software with expert integration, implementation, support, and training services. These solutions enable your company to reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively manage high-volume business document distribution. You can deliver business-critical information from virtually any source to any destination across your distributed enterprise—everything from printers and faxes to e-mail, Web, or file destinations.

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"What made Management listen was the realization that with the HP Output Management solution we can consolidate all Data Center print infrastructure into one standard print solution, which will save the company millions in hardware, software licenses, yearly support fees, and print support personnel. With this solution, all print leaving the datacenter arrives at it's destination on time."
--Craig Iandoli, Manager with HP's Global Deployment Operation.

How can your company ensure documents are reliably, efficiently, and cost effectively delivered throughout your distributed global enterprise?

HP Output Management Solutions provide flexible, scalable, enterprise-wide output delivery, monitoring, and management via a unified infrastructure. This is a set of operating system-independent, hardware-independent, and device-independent features that enable users and administrators to make sure documents are delivered — and delivered on time. And this one unified interface can be used by hundreds of users simultaneously to deliver documents to multiple delivery channels — providing a single interface for output to print, fax, email, the web, file archive, and/or custom destinations.

How can your company gain visibility and greater control over the flow of information and documents throughout your widely distributed organization?

The HP Output Management suite of applications makes it easy for users to locate and access output resources, even outside their local area network. Administrators obtain an integrated view of all output through a single management interface. Your company can monitor and modify jobs and queues across the entire enterprise, as well as track the status of delivery requests. The HP Output Management Solutions also provide administrative controls on the authorized users of the application as well as the control of devices and destinations.

How can your company reduce overall costs incurred to get documents and other output from your enterprise systems to the right place on time?

Reduce the number of help desk calls and associated costs with training, integration, and your company's overall infrastructure management. HP's products provide reliable support for legacy applications while also enabling new, future technology. The HP Output Management Solutions intelligently take output from a variety of client sources; automatically negotiate and perform any required transformations; and track jobs through final delivery, including redelivery and failover. Enjoy reliable, efficient, cost-effective delivery.
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