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Reliable, efficient, and cost effective

The HP Output Management suite of applications solves common problems associated with delivering output in a distributed environment. Reliable output management can result in increased orders and revenue with the correct on time delivery of supply chain and financial documents. With HP's output management solution your company can also see significantly reduced investments (in time and money) on administering and supporting information delivery. This provides additional benefits in streamlined business workflow processes and operational productivity improvements.

The HP Output Management Solution helps companies minimize their business disruptions by providing a reliable and secure way to manage the flow of critical information between business units, customers, partners, and suppliers. A proven, scalable infrastructure that supports multiple platforms and complex business applications, the HP Output Server family of products enables fast and accurate information delivery across a growing number of channels.

Independent analysis has revealed that some HP Output Management customers may realize a cumulative average annual savings of $1.8M with 10,000 active users by means of the following improvements. And HP itself, in its own internal implementation, has saved $7M annually by deploying HP Output Server for all of HP data center and SAP printing. If you want to read more, please download the white paper about the returns and business value-add that some HP customers have realized with their deployments of HP Output Server (download whitepapers).

HP customers using HP Output Management Solutions have realized the following business value-add and ROI for their HP Output Server deployments.

  Reduces loss or delay of revenue by ensuring reliable delivery of business critical documents (time to revenue)

Reduce loss or delay of revenue by ensuring reliable delivery of business critical documents (time to revenue). The following data is based on customer experience.

Save up to 15% inventory cost savings due to reduced shipping times.
Save millions of dollars per hour by avoiding output downtime
If you can't print or fax you business-critical documents, can't do business

  Streamlines business workflows and reduce business cycle time by automating information dissemination and increasing operational efficiencies

Streamlines business workflows and reduce business cycle time by automating information dissemination and increasing operational efficiencies.

Stop recreating undelivered jobs
Reduce print by up to 10% and fax by up to 50% through targeted output and transition to email and web
Eliminate the need to retrieve printed documents from offsite storage
Reduce time spent on printing problems by knowledge workers, up to 25%
Reduce time lost due to system down, up to 25%
Reduce time spent creating customized reports by up to 90%.

  Reduced costs through improved management and tracking of business information delivery from a single interface regardless of destination type or location (time to manage)

Reduced costs through improved management and tracking of business information delivery from a single interface regardless of destination type or location (time to manage).

Reduce the number of printers and associated annual maintenance by up to 10%
Reduce the number of print servers and associated annual maintenance by up to 20%
Save IT worker time spent dealing with printer and print-related issues by up to 75%
Transition of print/output support from higher-priced IT resources to the help desk.

Among the specific benefits provided by the HP Output Management Solutions are:

Unified infrastructure
The HP Output Server, the core product in the HP Output Management suite, is the key enabling technology. It consists of a set of operating system-independent, hardware-independent, and device-independent services that provide a unified infrastructure for delivery across the entire enterprise. HP Output Server eliminates dependence on the desktop-centric, single-function "point products" traditionally used to deliver documents and output from enterprise applications.
Centralized access and control
HP Output Management Solutions provide you with centralized, automated management of output resources for your entire network environment, and it enables your end users to quickly locate and use enterprise output resources. With the firewall traversal capabilities you can even each your external business partners with critical documents required as part of your business workflow.
Unicode international printing:
In recognition of Unicode's growing importance for global business and the need for multilingual printing, HP has developed an add-on module for HP Output Server to integrate Unicode documents with your output system without altering devices.
Easy integration with Enterprise Applications and tools
The HP Output Management software suite provides an infrastructure for distribution of documents and reports generated by ERP products from companies such as SAP and Oracle, augmenting the native capabilities of your ERP tools. HP has also integrated HP Output Server with Siebel solutions Customer Relationship Management, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft applications. The very flexible interface capability of HP Output Server also enables integration to customer legacy, mainframe or proprietary applications.
Enterprise-wide delivery capabilities
The HP Output Management suite enables delivery across the entire enterprise, as well as business-to-business deliveries. You can one consistent interface to deliver to print, fax, email, web, file, and other destinations.
User-defined rules-based report distribution and simplified Web delivery
The HP Output Management suite includes two HP output applications that facilitate rules-based distribution of reports and Web-based content publishing and cataloging. Web Delivery benefits are seen with fast, effective delivery to the web of any document regardless of format, and increased visibility of these documents throughout the organization using a web interface. With HP Output Distributor your delivery of large reports is made more efficient by only sending the relevant information to targeted recipients using pre-defined rules that can be used over and over again -- saving time and money.
An open, heterogeneous environment
You can use HP Output Management software even in environments with a mix of operating systems, output devices, and applications. HP Output Server can operate on a variety of platforms, including: Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux from Novell, and Microsoft Windows. Also, the HP Output Management suite includes a gateway for integrating legacy mainframe systems and application systems within the distributed environment.
Easy integration with Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) tools
HP Output Server can be integrated with ESM applications, enabling you to receive and respond to event notices, to manage common HP Output Server tasks, and to monitor HP Output Server processes and resources. HP Output Server integrates with such system management offerings as HP Openview and IBM Tivoli.
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Archive and e-Discovery/ Compliance Solutions for Output Management

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* InfoTrends, February 2006 study of 10 HP Output Server installed customers.
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