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Information management infrastructures at most companies are big and intricate. They may encompass business-critical applications; forms management tools; Web publishing and e-mail systems; and thousands of printers, multipurpose copiers, and fax machines. Getting a handle on these large environments and identifying how the success—or failure—of information delivery can affect your business is a complex, time-consuming job. So is designing a comprehensive solution to manage the flow of documents throughout your fast-moving global enterprise.

HP's Document Delivery Assessment is an efficient, cost-effective way to analyze your current information delivery infrastructure and build a blueprint for a faster and more reliable document delivery system. Our highly knowledgeable consultants have extensive experience in output management, so we can rapidly identify opportunities for improvement and custom-tailor a solution that's just right for you and your business. The end result is a comprehensive plan for dramatically improving the speed and reliability of information delivery in your organization.
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