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Learn more about high-speed Internet

High-speed Internet doesn't have to cost more than dial-up. And you'll enjoy all the benefits of fast Internet access. Learn more here.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of High Speed Internet

Other tutorials

Gateway to your private information - Symantec

The Gateway to your Private Information

Passwords are the virtual keys to some of your most valuable information assets. Learn how to build stronger passwords.

Upgrade from dial-up

Ready to upgrade from dial-up?

Figuring out what providers service your area and comparing among offers isn't simple. Save yourself time and effort. See all available offers in one easy step, then compare and choose exactly the right plan for you.

Find and compare high-speed Internet offers now!


Don't Be Hooked by Phishing Fraud

Phishers use spam, fake Web sites, and other Internet technologies to trick people into divulging sensitive financial information. Protect yourself against this kind of online fraud by following these basic guidelines.


Ready to upgrade from dial-up?

Move on up to a faster connection.
  • See all major brands available to you
  • Compare deals on a single page
  • We guarantee the best prices!
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Modem tutorial

This tutorial gives a quick overview of how your computer connects to the Internet, connection speeds, and connection options.


Digital cameras and scanners tutorial

Learn about two of the most creative accessories for your computer, the digital camera and scanner. You will find that there are many interesting uses.

New HP help and support center tutorial

Do you know that you can learn about your PC, download critical software and drivers, troubleshoot a problem, or contact an Online Technician with the Help and Support Center that comes with your HP Desktop PC? Find out about this powerful tool located just a click away on your keyboard, a desktop icon, or the Start menu.

View this helpful tutorial for HP computers purchased before June 1, 2005.

View this helpful tutorial for HP computers purchased after June 1, 2005.

View this helpful tutorial for HP computers purchased after January 1, 2006.


Joystick basics tutorial

Enjoy playing games on your PC? Learn how to connect to a USB joystick, USB technology, and more in this fun and interesting tutorial.
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