HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo®

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About the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo®

  • Expand your storage space by copying recorded TiVo® shows to your HP MediaSmart Server
  • Save your TiVo® shows to your HP MediaSmart Server
  • Enjoy watching your favorite recorded movies and TV shows on your TiVo® box, PC's or Macs
  • Store more movies. Share more shows


  • Compatible with HP MediaSmart Servers models EX490/EX495 or HP DataVault X510, earlier models are not compatible
  • TiVo® DVR Series II, Series III, TiVo® Premier and free TiVo® desktop software
  • TiVo® service is required for the TiVo® DVR to function and is sold separately
  • TiVo® service and payment are subject to the terms and conditions available at http://www.tivo.com
  • TiVo® service is accessed through a standard telephone line or broadband connection
  • In some areas, local and long-distance toll charges may apply
  • For Mac, Roxio Toast TiVoToGo is required, see website for details - http://roxiocentral.roxio.com/enu/offers/toast/toast-tivo.html?tla=r_tivo
  • TiVo® MAK (Media Access Key): The HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo® only supports 1 MAK.  If you have multiple TiVo® accounts with multiple MAKs you will only be able to use 1 MAK.  (the MAK is per account, so normally if you had 3 TiVo® DVRs, you would still only have 1 MAK)
  • TiVo® service available in United States and Canada
  • HP MediaSmart Server, PC’s, Mac® and TiVo® DVR must be on the same network

Install the Add-in

  1. Download the HP MediaSmart Extender for TiVo® add-in HERE.
  2. Navigate to the \\software\add-ins shared folder on your server.
  3. Copy the .msi file you downloaded to the Add-ins folder. Close the folder when you are done.
  4. At the PC, double-click the Windows Home Server icon in the system tray and log on. At the Mac, select Launch Home Server Console from the Server menu .
  5. Click Settings in the upper right corner of the Console.
  6. Click Add-ins in the left menu.
  7. Click the Available tab.
  8. Click Install to install the add-in.
  9. Click OK on the Installation succeeded dialog box to restart the console.
  10. For additional information, see Add-ins in the Windows Home Server help.
Trademark Attribution: TiVo® and the TiVo® logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo® Inc. or its subsidiaries worldwide.