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HP Photosmart Essential

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HP Photosmart Essential

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»  Stay organized
»  View photos
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»  Select photos and videos
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A couple looking at photos on an HP desktop PC

Stay organized

A person taking a photo with an HP digital camera Go ahead and take as many photos as you want. Whether it's a living library of your circle of friends or a daily image diary of your best friend's pregnancy, you need an easy way to manage all your photos.

HP Photosmart Essential lets you find, fix, and enjoy your photos with ease by date, tags, favorites, or by folders. A personalized home page provides quick access to your most recent photos and projects. Mark favorites so they are right at your fingertips.

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View photos

You can change the layout of the photos in the library, display them larger or smaller, or view the photos as a slide show using the controls at the top right of the library screen.

Click To...
Basic Display photos as thumbnails with their aspect ratios preserved.
Compact Display photos as same-size images. Note that this display may show only a portion of your photo.
Details Display your photos with information about each photo.
Scaling slider Display the thumbnails either larger or smaller.
Click the slider and drag it toward either the large or small photo at each end of the bar. You can also click the large or small photo to change the size of the photos on your screen.
Slide show Display all the photos in a full screen slide show, pausing a few seconds on each photo.
Click the photo or press the keyboard spacebar to display manual controls at the bottom of the screen and enjoy the show with your own background music.
Press ESC to end the slide show and return to the Library.

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View videos

Videos downloading to HP Photosmart Essential Videos that are imported into the HP Photosmart Essential Library are stored as thumbnail images. Double click a thumbnail to open the enlarged version of the video. Use the video controls to play, pause, rewind, fast forward, or move the slider to a particular frame. While you may view a video, it is not possible to edit video files at this time.

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Work with selected photos

You can quickly and easily work with your photos using the Quick Access toolbar in the Library. You can also double-click or right-click on a photo to access other photo editing and viewing options.

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Quick access tools

Tools in the quick access toolbar at the top of the library give you the following options when you select a photo.

Click To...
<heart icon> Set all photos as favorites:
Identify all photos in the tray as favorites.
<arrows icon> Rotate all photos:
Rotate all photos in the tray either left or right.
<tag icon> Tag all photos:
Assign all photos in the tray one or more tags from the drop-down menu. You can tag an individual photo when you are browsing photos by tag.
<check icon> Hold all photos:
Hold all selected photos in the tray so you do not accidentally deselect these photos when you select more photos.
<stop icon> Stop holding all held photos:
Clear all the photos that were in the tray the last time you clicked "hold all photos." Photos you have selected since that time remain in the tray.

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Select photos and videos

You can use the tools at the right of each group to select photos or videos in the group.

Click Select All to select all photos in the group.

Click <heart icon> to select all photos you have tagged as a favorite.

Click <tag icon> to select all photos you have assigned a specific tag.

The photos you select are placed in the photo tray and are available for you to edit, print, create projects with, or share. Photos that you do not select are not visible when editing, printing, creating projects, or sharing.

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Tagging your photos with keywords

Tagging your photos makes finding and selecting photos quick and convenient.

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Tag a photo

Assign a tag to an individual photo by browsing your photos by tag, selecting a photo, and then choosing a tag at the left of the screen. You can assign more than one tag to any photo.

Assign a tag to all photos in your tray by clicking the Quick Access Tool that resembles a tag at the top of the Library and then choosing a tag from the drop-down menu. For example, you might want to tag all photos with friends or family in them with the People group tag.

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Add a tag

Create a new tag to assign to your photos by clicking either the Add tag button or the Quick Access Tag Tool. Select a tag group and then enter your new tag name. Names follow the rules set by Windows; the characters / \ ; : * ? " < > | cannot be used in a tag name.

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Search for photos

You can search for specific photos residing within the HP Photosmart Essential Library or Home Page using the Find feature at the bottom of the screen. You can filter the results by indicating any combination of the following: tag, favorite, media type, or date range.

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Learn more

Take a free online class that will allow you to really get the most out of HP Photosmart Essential.

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