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HP-UX Software Media Part Numbers for 12/04


DVD is the only media for HP-UX 11i V2 * Workstations Servers
HP-UX 11i v2 Application 1 of 1 5013-3306 5013-3306
LaserRom/Instant Info 50726-10493 50726-10493

* There are NO HP-UX 11i v2 OE updates in December 2004

HP-UX 11i v1 Media Description Workstations Servers
CD MEDIA Install -Technical B6821-10042 B6821-10042
B6821-10043 B6821-10043
B6821-10044 B6821-10044
DVD MEDIA Install -Technical OE B6821-10045 B6821-10045
CD MEDIA Install/Core -MTOE B6845-10037 B6845-10038 B6845-10039 N/A
DVD MEDIA Install -MTOE B6845-10040 N/A
CD MEDIA Install FOE-Internet N/A B3920-14088
DVD MEDIA Install FOE-Internet N/A B3920-14091
CD MEDIA Install - Enterprise N/A B7993-10040
DVD MEDIA Install - Enterprise N/A B7993-10043
CD MEDIA Install -Mission Critical N/A B7994-10040
DVD MEDIA Install -Mission Critical N/A B7994-10043
DVD 11i Application DVD (1/1) 5013-3305 5013-3305
CD 11i Support Plus 5013-3299 5013-3299
11i Instant Info CDROM 50726-10495 50726-10495
Media Description
Stand Alone
Workstations Servers
IUX DVD DP/MO (1/2) DV300-10031 DV300-10031
IUX DVD DP/MO (2/2) DV500-10017 DV500-10017
IA DVD-IUX DP/MO IA1123 (1/2) DV300-10032 DV300-10032
IA DVD-IUS DP/MO IA1123 (2/2) DV500-10018 DV500-10018
DVD-IUX 11.0 Archive
last release 06/04
DV400-10016 DV400-10016
Internet Express CD (1/2) 5013-0964 5013-0964
Internet Express CD (2/2) 5013-0965 5013-0965
Internet Express DVD (1/1) 5013-0966 5013-0966

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