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For customers who receive their VMware support from HP we recommend you periodically review the following VMware portals:

  1. Visit your VMware license management portal to verify the accuracy of your account information, and insure that your purchased license quantities are correct.
  2. Visit the VMware support portal and verify that your subscriptions aren't listed as expired or about to expire and the expiration date matches your HP support term.
  3. Additionally, check the support portal to verify the accuracy of your designated role on your support and subscription contracts (Primary License Administrator, Secondary License Administrator, or Support Administrator).

If the VMware portal data is inaccurate, we ask that you take action to correct this data as quickly as possible. Please complete and submit an entitlement form to


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Entitlement form

The entitlement form will require you to gather 4 data elements:

  1. Service Agreement ID (SAID#) - located on your HP Support Agreement(s)
  2. VMware License keys - available from VMware license management portal
  3. Expiration date of HP support - listed on your HP Support Agreement(s)
  4. HP or VMware Product numbers - available on your HP Support Agreement or from VMware license management portal - (Example: 570772-B21 or VS4-ENT-C)

Download the Entitlement Form

Please note: The expected turnaound time for database change requests is ten (10) business days from receipt of a completed form.

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Download software product updates

As HP releases updates to software, the latest versions of software and documentation are made available to you. The Software Updates and Licensing Portal gives you access to software, documentation and license updates for products on your valid HP Support Agreement.

Software updates and licensing

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Subscribe to update alerts

Subscribing to software update alerts will ensure that you'll receive electronic notification when an update is available for products you are interested in.

Software update alerts from HP

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