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Wireless and mobility - security and manageability

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When you are on the go your business critical hardware is more at risk for theft and loss, and once your notebook or iPAQ is out of your control, sensitive company and personal data is vulnerable to thieves or even the curious. HP has developed an end-to-end capability beginning with HP ProtectTools, a family of security products and features built-in, not bolted-on, to give you safer ways to stay in control and secure your data while you're on the go so you can reduce the technical and financial risks to your business. Beyond protecting the data on the device, HP's partnership with CREDANT Technologies brings centralized policy definition and creation for security manageability.

HP ProtectTools for notebook PCs

The foundation for HP ProtectTools for notebook PCs begins with the HP ProtectTools Security Manager, an extensible console you can download free from the HP site for older HP notebooks and that will be factory-installed on next generation HP notebooks. The ProtectTools Security Manager gives you a single point of control over all elements of security for your notebook.

HP has developed four modules to work with HP ProtectTools Security Manager to allow you to customize your security.
BIOS configuration for HP ProtectTools gives you control over your computer's BIOS settings and can prevent anyone who doesn't know your BIOS password from booting your system. This feature is only available on notebook PCs.
Credential Manager for HP ProtectTools supports multifactor Windows Authentication and single sign-on so you can have strong authentication that is simple to use.
Smart Card security for HP ProtectTools allows you to easily add Smart Card security to your notebook by managing the card initialization, security settings, and integration with the BIOS.
Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools allows you to configure and manage your notebook's built-in Trusted Computing Module security chip.
Select HP notebooks come with the BIOS configuration and Credential Manager modules already installed, and you may download others free from HP if your notebook hardware supports them. Review your product information or work with your local HP product expert for more details on which HP ProtectTools modules your notebook supports.

HP ProtectTools for iPAQs

HP's ProtectTool solutions for iPAQs are powered by Credant, HP's best-in-class security partner extends security on the device to give you solid device-level security right out of the box on the HP iPAQ hx2000 Pocket PC series with the ability to add additional Credant Management solutions later. With the pre-loaded HP ProtectTools, you can password protect your iPAQ and encrypt its data, so even if it is lost or stolen, the information on it is secure. When you add the Credant Mobile Guardian Group edition to your IT toolkit, you can tighten security policies as well as disable communication ports and file sharing functions for any iPAQ that has an active wireless LAN or WAN connection. HP ProtectTools powered by Credant:
Protect mobile devices and applications — safeguard against legal liability, financial loss or brand damage if mobile devices are lost or stolen with enforced passwords, data encryption and automatic fail-safe "kill" options
Are cost-effective and easy to administer — quickly deploy comprehensive centrally-defined security policies that protect your mobile users, devices and data — minimize security risk and restrict application use, disable peripherals, and prevent the use of communication ports and storage cards
Provide broad platform support — architected for the mobile ecosystem to protect diverse types of mobile devices from a single graphical user interface
Offer an elegant upgrade path — know that future enterprise security and management requirements can be met as you expand the use of mobile and wireless computing throughout your organization, with an elegant upgrade path from to .
Are a one-stop solution — optional personal firewall, backup and recovery, software imaging and wireless access VPN components are also available through CREDANT Technologies
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