Multitask with HP Business Monitors

Make your workspace more efficient with wider or multiple monitors

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Change your perspective of work

Change your perspective of work

Multiple monitors in the workplace

•   Easier to multitask: several different applications can be viewed at once, helping improve your productivity.
•   Simpler to navigate: fewer clicks and less scrolling translates to efficiency and ergonomic improvements.
•   Reduced impact on the environment: the more of the document you can see, the less likely you will print and discard countless pages of paper.
•   Streamlined design process: seeing more of your model in greater detail helps drive decision-making with less zooms and pans.
HP Business Monitors are built to accommodate multiple displays. To ready your HP desktop for multitasking, use the HP USB Graphics Adapter.
For more information and multi-monitor set up tips,
Read the whitepaper (1 MB, PDF) ›

Sizing up screen differences

Sizing up screen differences Monitors can measured several ways and one of them is by aspect ratio. Sample "square" aspect ratios can be described as 4:3 and 5:4, while sample "widescreen" aspect ratios are 16:9 and 16:10.
Need help figuring out which aspect ratio is right for you? Learn about the history of square and the movement to widescreen, then decide for yourself which is right for you.
Build a solution that works for you—see the benefits of combining an HP business monitor with an HP desktop, laptop or workstation.