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Different than TV

Digital signage vs. consumer television

HP Digital Signage Displays (DSDs) are quite different than most consumer flat panel televisions. One of the most important differences is that HP DSDs come with a limited 3 year warranty* and are specifically designed for commercial-grade usage, which means they have robust liquid crystals, high quality backlights and advanced electronic parts. This enables them to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Digital signage vs. consumer television
In contrast, consumer TVs are typically only covered for 1 year, are designed to be viewed for only 8 hours a day, and the warranty may be voided if a consumer television is used in a commercial setting.
Below are some other major differences you may not have previously considered.
LIMITED WARRANTY 3 Year Standard* 1 Year
(can be void if used for commercial)
USAGE 24 Hours per day 8 Hours per day
DISPLAY ORIENTATION Landscape and portrait Landscape only
OSD BUTTONS Hidden from view and lockable to prevent tampering In plain view and susceptible to tampering
CONTROLS** One media player controls multiple displays Multiple media players required for multiple displays
BEZELS Symmetrical bezels enables uniform tiling Asymmetrical bezels create more visual distraction

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