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Do I need a server

At the foundation of even the smallest businesses are critical applications and data that must be reliable and accessible for effective operations to continue. Today effective collaboration between employees requires that they can efficiently and securely access, share and backup files from nearly anywhere. As growth occurs, small companies often find that their current IT systems and processes are inadequate, rendering the business inefficient and leaving the business data at risk.

The level of technology for small and micro businesses is very similar to that of their larger counterparts, yet due to small budgets and insufficient IT expertise most continue to suffer the pains of vastly inadequate systems. HP has a full line of flexible, reliable, and affordable server based systems designed specifically to remove the constraints and risks to business growth. When businesses focus their time on innovation rather than worrying about whether their data is properly backed up and secure, they are enabled to compete more effectively in the marketplace and grow with confidence.

But when is the right time to implement server technology?

The below questions will help you understand if your business could benefit from server.

•  Is all your business data backed up automatically and redundantly?
•  Are your network and sensitive files adequately secured from intruders?
•  Do you have more than 5 PCs networked together?
•  Is your company's information spread across multiple PCs rather than being centrally located?
•  Can you easily control who does – and who does not – have access to certain information?
•  Is it simple to share data with colleagues or clients?
•  Do you need a way to securely access critical business information when away from the office?
•  Would it cause a serious disruption in business if one of your critical PCs were to fail?


Mobile Office

Mobile Office

Are you going to extraordinary lengths to share and backup your business data?

Maybe it's time for a server..

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The New Guy

The New Guy

The right strategic hire can be a game changer for a small business. Everyone will like the new guy... maybe a little too much.

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If you were able to answer yes to any of the above questions then your business can benefit from server technology. You most likely have many questions about whether you need a server, what it will do for your growing company, how to select the right one for your current and future needs, and so on.

Rest assured that you have come to the right place! This website was designed specifically to explain the basics of server technology and how servers can be used to bring greater security and efficiencies to your growing business.

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