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Turn your notebook into two desktops

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Once you have your notebook and docking stations set up, you're ready to go. Use your notebook as you have any desktop computer. Because your notebook computer is your only computer, you'll want to take good care of it, so here are a few suggestions on caring for and using your portable system:
Have a strong, well-padded, carrying case.
Never carry your computer on the car seat. It will fall off the seat when you have to stop quickly. Place your system in the trunk or on the floorboard. If you need to leave it in your vehicle, always cover it with a newspaper, blanket, or jacket to deter thieves.
Always have your system insured for damage or theft.
Always have current backups of your system. Back up weekly, at least, and daily if possible.
Don't carry your notebook backups with your notebook. If, for example, you back up to CD, and you keep those CDs in your notebook's carrying case, the backups are as susceptible to theft and destruction as your notebook. If you travel regularly and back up on the road, put your backups in your suitcase.
All of this connectivity places systems at risk from viruses. Always keep your virus protection software current. This means updating the software at least once every week.
Now you know why it makes good sense for you to use a single notebook system to replace multiple desktop systems. It saves both time and money and improves productivity, but you don't have to sacrifice convenience or productivity. Don't you wish all business decisions were this easy?
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Notebook as two desktops

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