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Print checks directly—with a professional look and feel—by installing HP MICR (E13B) Fonts on your HP LaserJet.


HP MICR Fonts enable a check printing solution using your HP LaserJet. Reduce the service costs and time associated with outsourcing the printing and distribution of checks. Produce checks for payroll, refunds, bill payment and more.
Use HP MICR Fonts together with HP Custom Fonts for a complete check-printing solution.
•  Incorporate consistent signatures, logos and images onto your checks.
•  Manage everything you need to print checks—including signatures and logos—from within the office.

Choosing the Right MICR Product

What environments support HP MICR Font printing? HP MICR Font provides solutions for SAP and other common large ERP environments. HP MICR Printing Solution offers solutions for Windows and other environments that use PCL printing, including SAP and other large ERP environments.
1.  Determine the HP MICR solution part number supported by your printer on the Specifications tab.
2.  (optional) Order custom signature and/or logo fonts for your checks.
Check printing requires MICR toner provided by HP partners such as Troy Group.
For additional information about HP LaserJet Font solutions, call 661-257-5571 between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm ET.