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LaserJet barcode font solutions


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Produce barcodes directly from your HP LaserJet printer. Choose from more than 70 types of barcodes, including both 1D and 2D barcodes. Adding barcode printing to your HP LaserJet is quick and easy.
•  Track sales and manage shipped products by printing barcodes directly from your office.
•  Diminish lengthy and inaccurate date entry—use printed barcodes to scan and enter important information.
•  Keep accurate inventory with printed barcodes.

Choosing the Right Barcode Solution

1.  Review the Barcode Solution Comparison chart to determine which solution provides the barcodes you need.
Choose If you
HP Barcode Printing Solution Want intelligent barcode functionality that automatically creates barcodes from raw data.
Are printing barcodes from SAP.
Want a full barcode solution, including 2D barcodes.
Need the new USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode.
Print both fixed-sized and scalable barcodes.
HP Barcodes & More Print fixed-sized barcodes.
HP Scalable Barcodes Print barcodes that scale to different sizes.
The HP Barcode Printing Solution provides intelligent barcode creation that may offer the best ROI by reducing the amount of time spent getting the barcode data and barcode formatting correct.
2.  Determine the HP barcode solution part number supported by your printer on the Specifications tab.
For additional information about HP LaserJet Font solutions, call 661-257-5571 between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm ET.